How can I purchase an item?

You can purchase any item by visiting a product page, adding to cart and checking out.

What is a collector's edition?

A collector's edition item is a item that comes with an NFT.

What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT), is an instrument used to support the creator of the design or brand. You can sell NFTs to other people in the marketplace.

Can I use Philippine Peso to buy NFTs?

Yes, but only through purchasing a collector's edition item.

Can I use USD, AUD or any other currency to buy NFTs?

In theory yes, but only through purchasing a collector's edition item. If you are from a country outside of US and Philippines you will have to wait a while till you get your shirt and possible need to pay an extra shipping charge. Just contact us if that's what your planning so we can make arrangements.

Can I purchase many NFTs of the same design and what's the advantage of doing that?

Yes, you can and at times a good strategy in order to control the market for that design.

What is burning and why would anyone want to do it?

Burning an NFT means that it can no longer be sold or traded anywhere. Some traders may burn some copies of their NFT in order to make their other copies of NFT more valuable.

Can I use crypto to buy NFTs?

Yes, but only through the marketplace.

What do I do if I am no longer interested in holding an NFT nor trying to list it?

You can sell your NFT back to GRY.PH at the offer price listed in the product item page.

How does having an NFT support the creator of the design or brand?

Everytime an item is purchased with their design and everytime an NFT of their design is traded, the creator will receive a royalty that is pre-negotiated with GRY.PH.

If I own an NFT what access rights do I have for the design or brand?

In general, you will have the right to use the design or brand for personal and legitimate purposes only. Each creator of the design or brand will state the exact usage rights and perks on each individual item marketplace.

What blockchain/s does your NFTs support?

Right now, Polygon MATIC. There are plans for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain in the future.

Can GRY.PH help me with buying crypto?

Sorry we cannot, please sign up for an external crypto exchange or service that does that.

Can GRY.PH swap crypto?

Crypto for NFT yes and through the marketplace of each product item. For crypto-to-crypto no. Please visit a crypto exchange if that is your purpose.

Can I join GRY.PH as a creator or brand?

Yes, please contact us if you are interested.

How can I be a supplier of GRY.PH?

We are willing to work with all DTP/DTG and made per order suppliers from around the World. Please contact us for supplier inquiries.